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rubric - correct The poem is descriptive expressive and...

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Famous African American Acrostic Poem Rubric Students will create their own acrostic poem on one of the 3 famous African Americans we studied (Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, or Jackie Robinson). The famous African Americans name should run down the left side of the page and include all of these other features. Strong 10 Moderately Strong 8 Average 6 Moderately Weak 4 Weak 2 The form of the poem is
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Unformatted text preview: correct. The poem is descriptive, expressive, and creative. The contents of the poem demonstrate an understanding of the individual studied. The spelling in the poem is accurate. The poem is neatly handwritten. The poem is well written. The student did a good job presenting the poem to the class. Overall, the work represents the student’s full potential. Total Points: /80...
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