Final Exam - Ashlee Sisson December 3rd 2010 ENGL 295 TR...

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Ashlee Sisson December 3 rd , 2010 ENGL 295 TR 9:30-10:45 Final Exam In this section of Jimmy Corrigan: Smartest Kid on Earth there are many important details to pay close attention to while reading. Although many objects are said to be symbols in this “novel”, there are also various texts or fonts that could be further analyzed. In this particular section of Jimmy Corrigan the importance of relationships and the want for connection are two themes that are seen continuously. The importance of relationships is a theme seen throughout the novel but shown in many different ways in this section. The relationship between James Corrigan (Jimmy’s grandfather) and his father is awkward, dark, and gloomy. James’ father does not act like a fatherly figure towards James, and in result, James lacks the guidance a father is supposed to give his son. The way James’ father talks to him at dinner shows us that he does not care much about his son’s feelings. His father’s actions have an affect on how James treats his friend and is seen in this section especially when James first talks with the Italian boy at school. James is rude and bitter to the other boy just like his father treats him. James is scared of companionship, but also wants it. Because of the broken relationship with his father James feels the need to find different friends to talk with. As an awkward and shy child he often goes to his horse, Minnie, to talk to. Minnie acts as James’ best friend and someone to simply talk to. In the stable where Minnie stays James is able to talk about anything he wants and no one is there to correct him or yell at him. Minnie is just there to listen. When James goes over to the Italian boy’s house, he meets his father. Unlike his own father, the Italian father is warm, cheerful, and excited to be with his son and his friends.
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He shows them all to make the toy horses and invites them to stay for dinner. Before this,
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Final Exam - Ashlee Sisson December 3rd 2010 ENGL 295 TR...

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