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Ashlee Sisson ENGL302: Prose Sec1 Journal 1 Try This 2.8 Pg.36 Write a paragraph about a thrilling or anguishing incident from your childhood or adolescence. Evoke the emotion you felt in images of all five senses how the scene looked to you, sounded, felt, smelled, tasted. Allow yourself whatever personification, metaphor, or simile occurs to you, no matter how extreme. I was walking home from Mannheim Elementary School with my best friend Kayla as we heard sirens approach us. As fifth graders we became frightened immediately as the cop car stopped next to us and told us to get in. We asked him why and he said that something dangerous had happened in the United States and we needed to get back on the military base as quickly as possible. We got in the car and the cop continued to explain to us what had happened. He said that the World Trade Center in New York City had been crashed into with two planes that Americans suspected were terrorists. After the twin towers were hit, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. was hit along
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