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Ashlee Sisson Engl302: Prose Sec1 Journal 3 Try This 1.6 Page 12 Make use of these prompts or trigger lines for easy freewrites. Pick one of them- quickly; don’t think about it too much- write it down and keep writing. Anything at all. Whatever the prompt suggests. Keep going. A little bit more. She got out of the car, unbuckled her newborn baby from the car seat, and carried her to the front gate of Delta Airlines. Looking up at the arrival screen she saw that his flight was on time, thank goodness. She had been waiting six months for this moment. The moment she would see Greg, her husband of two years, come home from his tour in Iraq. She never thought it would be this hard. Not seeing him for six months and going through a pregnancy, a move, and a new job without him was the hardest time of her life. But now she could think only of the future. They had a family now and their little girl looked just like Greg with her button nose and tan skin. As she waited impatiently she began to get butterflies thinking about the moment they would finally see each other. Before she knew it she saw Greg walking down the aisle towards the entrance of
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