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Ashlee Sisson Engl302: Prose Sec1 Journal 6 Attend one of the poetry or fiction readings scheduled this semester. Respond to what you heard as a writer. Some suggestions as to what write about: what you liked or disliked and why, powerful images that stay in your mind, emotional responses, connections, what you are reminded of. Michael Martone Reading I walked into the reading in Combs thinking it would be the same as usual for me: A so-so speaker with some cool readings, but overall boring to myself. Thankfully I was in for a surprise. Michael Martone was funny, personable, and a great speaker. When first arriving he told us all to text him during his talk and gave us his number. Funny, huh? I thought that was really funny. He told us a little about himself and how his mother always helped him with his writing, whether it was editing or giving him new ideas. As a writer that does that myself I thought it was cool to hear someone successful say this. He read quite a few stories, some of which I really liked, others I did not enjoy as
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