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Ashlee Sisson Engl302: Prose Sec1 Journal 7- EC Write a scene or a narrative dialogue or a narrative monologue (NO scripts), starting with one of the following first lines, taken from SF and fantasy novels and short stories that happened to be in my office when I was writing this prompt (OK, one is from memory). Your response does not have to be science fiction or fantasy “My first date with a nonhuman went as well as can be expected.” My first date with a nonhuman went as well as can be expected. After Daniel left me a few months ago I had been so lonely. The 1-bedroom apartment that once felt cramped now felt as if it was huge. The long, dark stairwells to the top floor scared me, yet they never had before. I tried buying a goldfish but it did nothing for my loneliness. Swimming around on my desk at home I fed it everyday and even talked to it once in awhile but it still died two weeks after getting it at the pet store. After the goldfish I decided to look for a dog. I started doing some research and decided I wanted a big dog; one that I knew would
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Unformatted text preview: protect me. I looked at the pet stores around but the prices were much too high for a teacher salary. Therefore I resorted to the SPCA to adopt a dog instead. The first time I walked down the loud hallway of cages I spotted two small, black puppies wrestling. I put my face to the wire gate that separated us and thats when I first met Gus, my new man. Not knowing the rules of the SPCA I decided to let myself into the cage where Gus hopped around. Before I knew it I was laying on the ground, Gus on top of me licking my face. I knew that he was the one for me. Today I brought Gus home for the first time. As we walked up the three flights of stairs to my apartment he sniffed every stair, every rail, and every door. When we finally got to our destination I let him in and instead of sniffing everything in my place he decided to jump onto my new leather recliner. As I opened my mouth to tell him no he looked up at me with his dark eyes and I learned the puppy dog look....
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