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English 302A Spring 2011 Fiction Journal Prompts Always be sure to identify the prompt you choose. By this, I mean more than Burroway and a page number. Tell me what you are trying to do (or repeat the prompt). You will return in 6 responses with your portfolio: the one required response to a reading and the 5 assigned. Journal 7 is extra credit. Please identify it as such and turn it in with your final portfolio. What to write, how much: 400-600 words and for the blog (and only for the blog), it is okay to single-space. What? Your reaction, your thoughts, feelings, speculations, a free-write, using the choices as prompts, a scene, a monologue, a dialogue. Or do it in first, then try third, and see what changes, or what changes. Metawrite on the difference. Free associate… Journal 6, due with final portfolio: Attend one of the poetry or fiction readings scheduled this semester. Respond to what you heard as a writer. Some suggestions as to what write about: what you liked or disliked and why, powerful images that stay in your mind, emotional responses, connections, what you are reminded of ……. You can receive extra credit for attending other readings if you write a response. Please identify your response as extra credit and include it in your journal. Journal 1: Due Friday, March 18 Choose from the following options: 1. An overheard conversation, and what happens next, include speculation on the participants, based on your observations (dress, hair styles, hair color--if it gets your attention, and/or if it doesn’t-- scars, piercings, where they are when you overhear them, voice tones…). 2. Time to rant, rave, and foam at the mouth: the piece of mind you would like to give that old so-and-so. 3.
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Journal-Prompts-Fiction9[1] - English 302A Spring 2011...

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