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Ashlee Sisson February 3, 2011 Persona Poem Section 1 Rudolph the Pissed Off Reindeer Groaning, I slowly get out of my stable, Wishing Christmas Eve would just disappear. I attach my annoying light-up red nose To guide this fat guy’s sleigh tonight. His obnoxious “Ho-Ho-Ho’s” are coming from the roof And I want to just go and hide. Chewing loudly while Cookie crumbs fly; he fastens us to his damn sleigh. Then, oh great, the Best part of the night! The red nose is turned on for the children to see. We begin to go through the dark night sky as The speed demons, Dasher and Prancer, collide.
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Unformatted text preview: Vixen and Dancer chant songs while we soar, while the plump Man eats his cookies and weighs down the sleigh. Donner and Cupid, still drunk from last night, Are stumbling along and causing a riot. Then there is Blitzen, dumb as a rock, who Can’t quite remember how to do his own job. After this year, I’m thinking of quitting, so Sick of this job that has no meaning. Santa Clause whips me and is a real son of a gun, and I’m Reporting him to animal abuse as soon as I’m through....
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