Portrait Poem 302

Portrait Poem 302 - That his deployment to Kuwait was More...

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Ashlee Sisson Daddy’s Boots I wait for him to arrive. As I hang on to Booboo, my teddy bear, I hear a car pull into the driveway. I stand on my toes, trying to see through the window Of the large French doors. They swing open and I fly into My daddys arms. He sweeps me up and holds Me tight. It has been too long. The last time I felt the warmth of being In my daddys arms was 6 months ago. Something is different about him. I look At his burnt skin and weary eyes and know
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Unformatted text preview: That his deployment to Kuwait was More than I could ever understand. Daddy carries me into the family room And sits me on his lap as he unties The black army boots from his tired feet. He sets the boots aside and my mind Races. Will daddy be home for good? The next morning I see those black Army boots disappear through my bedroom Door. I close my eyes and pray that I will see those boots again tonight....
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