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E XPE RI M E N T : S I M P L E D IST I L L A T I O N A N D G AS C H R O M A T O G R A P H Y Name _______________________________________ Instructor ____________________________________ Chem ____________ Section/Color ______________ Date ________________________________________ Laboratory Questions 2007a These questions are to be completed and turned in with the Laboratory Report. P OST-L A B Q U EST I O NS 1. Which, if any, of the boiling point ranges in the fractions obtained from the two distillations conducted in this experiment suggested that the fraction should be primarily one component? 2. Based upon your experiences with this experiment, suggest what would be the result if we heated a mixture of dichloromethane (bp 39-40 C) and naphthalene (C 10 H 8 , mp 80-82 C and bp 218
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