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EXPERIMENT: I NFRARED S PECTROSCOPY Name _______________________________________ Instructor ____________________________________ Chem ____________ Section/Color ______________ Date ________________________________________ Laboratory Questions These questions are to be completed and turned in with the Laboratory Report. POST-LAB QUESTIONS 1. Which of our senses could a human use to detect a strong beam of infrared radiation? 2. Explain why C-H bond stretching is observed in the functional group region of the IR, but the absorptions corresponding to other C-O or C-halogen single bond stretching vibrations are in the fingerprint region at significantly lower frequency. (See the explanation in McMurry, p. 410) 3. Give characteristic absorptions values (in cm -1 ) for each of the following functional groups. You may want to look at the spectroscopy sections at the end of each chapter in McMurry covering specific functional groups. a)
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