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E XPERIMENT : N ATURAL P RODUCTS AND A LKENES Name _______________________________________ Instructor ____________________________________ Chem ____________ Section/Color _____________ _ Date ________________________________________ Laboratory Questions These questions are to be completed and turned in with the Laboratory Report. POST-LAB QUESTIONS 1. Clove oil is produced by steam distillation of cloves. We use basic extraction to leave behind most of the other organic products in the clove oil. What can we predict about a) the physical properties and b) the chemical properties of these other organic compounds that are present in clove oil in addition to eugenol? (Remember: they were obtained by steam distillation, but they remained behind when you extracted eugenol.) 2. Write a product of reaction of limonene with an excess of bromine. 3. Write the equations for the chemical reactions that you used to show the presence of carbon-carbon double bonds in your product. Show possible products and indicate what observations
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