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whmc - E XPE RI M E N T W H O H A S M Y C O M P O U N D...

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E XP E RI M E N T : " W H O H AS M Y C O M P O U N D ? " Name _______________________________________ Instructor ____________________________________ Chem ____________ Section/Color ______________ Date ________________________________________ Laboratory Questions Revised 8/07 These questions are to be completed and turned in at the beginning of the pre-lab period. PR E-L A B Q U EST I O NS 1. What material is used as the “thin layer” on the tlc plates used in this laboratory experiment? 2. Define t he term “R f and show how it is calculated. 3. R f values can range between what values? 4. Some organic compounds that are insoluble in water will dissolve in sodium bicarbonate because they are a c idi enough to react with sodium bicarbonate to form carbonic acid from the bicarbonate ion and a water- soluble sodium salt of the organic acid. Based solely upon the nam e s in Table 1, p. 109, list the compounds you would expect to r e t with sodium bicarbonate. 5. Explain why a mixture melting point determination is useful.
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