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Competitive Advantage Notes

Competitive Advantage Notes - (An energy plant which...

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-Enbridge continues to a leader in the industry, focusing on technological processes that are conservational -Enbridge has quickly bridged the gap between quality and service through the implementation of a competitive strategy -Focused on product uniqueness and reliability -Keeping integrity of corporate social responsibility -Primary focus is fossil fuel energy distribution throughout North America - Successfully analyzed their external environment -Enbridge emphasizes the importance of high environmental performance -Through stewardship activities & innovations -Alternative energy technologies developed by Enbridge still complement its core operations -Still provide the desired environmental benefits -Enbridge demonstrates its diversification through the Hybrid FuelCell
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Unformatted text preview: -(An energy plant, which produces sufficient amounts of electricity without the burning of fossil fuel)-Enbridge has also developed a plan to invest in the 35-MW Neal Hot Springs geothermal project -Will provide Enbridge with ability to power approximately 17,500 households-Enbridge focuses on pipelines (energy conservation) to differentiate from competitors -Waste Heat captures and converts heat from natural gas turbines, to emission-free electricity-Strong Marketing Skills -Strengthening their relation with the public -Set it aside from competition-Neutral Footprint : ecocentric project, recently implemented by Enbridge-Stabilizing the environmental footprint of Enbridge-Gives a chance for consumers to view the company’s positive initiatives...
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