Exam III - PY 101-008 Exam III Multiple Choice Identify the...

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PY 101-008 Exam III Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Elise is so terrified of enclosed places that she had to quit her new job because her office had no windows. She knows that her fear is irrational, but she can't seem to control her anxiety. In this case, Elise's symptoms are MOST consistent with a. generalized anxiety disorder b. obsessive-compulsive disorder c. a phobic disorder d. a conversion disorder ____ 2. Karen believes she has a rare tropical disease. Her physicians can find no evidence of the disease, yet Karen continues to insist she has it. Karen's condition is best classified as a. a psychosomatic conversion reaction b. a psychotic episode c. a somatoform disorder d. a hypochondriasis ____ 3. Which of the following is NOT one of the major contributions associated with the humanistic theory of per- sonality? a. acknowledging the role that internal conflict plays in generating psychological distress b. making the self-concept an important construct in psychology c. focusing attention on what constitutes a healthy personality d. the importance of a person's subjective views ____ 4. After several weeks of feeling gloomy and being socially withdrawn, Marco has suddenly become extremely sociable and talkative. He doesn't seem to need any sleep, and he becomes irritated when his friends tell him to slow down. Marco's behavior is consistent with a. schizophrenia b. histrionic personality disorder c. bipolar disorder d. obsessive-compulsive disorder ____ 5. Lukas does not trust anyone. He is convinced that no one around him is truthful, and everything they say to him is a lie. He is extremely suspicious of other people's motives, and he often flies into a jealous rage when his wife speaks to other men. If Lukas has a personality disorder, his symptoms are MOST consistent with those associated with disorders in the a. neurotic/dissociative cluster b. odd/eccentric cluster c. dramatic/impulsive cluster d. anxious/fearful cluster ____ 6. In learning to crawl, children initially depend on their arms to propel them and later shift to using their legs. This motor development sequence is an example of a. the proximodistal trend b. the cephalopedal trend c. encephalitis d. the cephalocaudal trend ____ 7. The disorder that is characterized by worry and fear, muscle tension, trembling, faintness, and difficulty in concentrating is known as a a. paranoid disorder b. generalized anxiety disorder
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c. dissociative disorder d. conversion disorder ____ 8. The greatest inconsistency between who a person is and the impression he or she creates is likely to be found in a a. sensation seeker b. self-actualizer c. high self-monitor d. person with a realistic self-concept ____ 9. The most widely prescribed class of psychiatric drugs are a. antipsychotic drugs b. neuroleptics c. antidepressant drugs d. antianxiety drugs ____ 10. Charlie cannot tolerate heights. When walking up several flights of stairs, he breaks out in a cold sweat,
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Exam III - PY 101-008 Exam III Multiple Choice Identify the...

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