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Analysis: The basic decision of this situation is whether or not the egg production will work based on actual financial feasibility. The major problem we must look at is whether or not the eggs that are graded with our equipment will sell based on the price they are offered at ( so it should be as low as possible) or if eggs can be marketed to the public and with careful promotion strategies along with creating a core benefit proposition for consumers (steak and eggs). This will help us create a actual scenario with our consumers that will require them to incorporate staken eggs into their life and that is what is going to help the brand loyalty. With the actual decrease in unit costs of eggs because we our going to be using our grading equipment instead of outsourcing the grading to Northern, we can use that decrease in unit cost to invest into promotions and advertising. We should defininetly have a year to 2 year period to heavily increase advertising and show consumers how they can incorporate stamen eggs into their
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