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Hypothesis Anaylsis - taking into account the mind-set and...

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Karla Gomez RES/342 Week 1 Assignment 7/04/2011 Understanding the hypothesis of a research study is imperative. Within this paper, a peer-reviewed article will be assessed, and the hypothesis will be identified. An analysis of the marketing article will be provided, as well as a summary of the hypothesis. The implications of the rejection or acceptance of the hypothesis will be discussed, and an in-depth offers six different hypotheses. These hypotheses address the customer, and where they are in relation to making a purchasing decision. As well, the hypotheses also address how the salesperson should treat the consumer based on where they are within the purchasing phase. Hypothesis 1 and 2 examined the behavior types, early stage strategies (ESS) and later stage strategies (LSS), across both action and assessment mind-sets. The dependent variable was goal facilitation. Hypothesis 3 and 4 examined the elicitation of positive emotions from the consumer,
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Unformatted text preview: taking into account the mind-set and behavior condition. Hypothesis 5 and 6 looked at the specific individual emotions that consumers had during a sales encounter. The researchers conducted two experiments, manipulating the sales person through scripting. The overall methods were the same as used in industrial purchasing research, channels research, and when researching the trust between the salesperson and customer. The results from the studies supported five out of the six hypotheses. The one test that was rejected was within the fifth hypothesis. When the sales person understands the consumer, and is able to identify where they are within the buying decision, the sales person can better take care of the customer. By leaving the customer with positive feelings in regards to the business, everybody wins....
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