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Daniel Jordaans [email protected] University of Phoenix HCA-210 4/20/2011 The Cost of Health Care The Cost of Health Care Starting off with one of the main causes for increasing health care costs are that insurance policies will deal with for-profit stock companies. These companies will raise co-payments along with premiums as they see fit, and decrease the benefits that the consumer will inherit. As this happens of course the insurance health care costs tend to go up in price for individuals, and impacts the consumers by making them pay more money from their allowances. When this happens it affects their pocket to pay for other bills, thus making the society having less money to help the economy. Licensing requirements tend to make health care costs increase as well, because this makes certain products that are created to be directly from license companies. They can proceed to inflate the prices as they see fit, and some insurance companies will not cover specific articles that a patient may need. Patients will
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Unformatted text preview: have to pay out of pocket for certain products, and it becomes a supply and demand situation where the consumer is getting ripped off. Another problem that is being seen is greed from the hospitals along with other medical treatment providers. They can raise prices as they want to make a profit, and make insurance companies have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for on specific treatment. In return this makes the insurance company mostly increase their rate that they get paid from the consumer, or they will drop the patient from their coverage making it hard for that patient to find another provider. These things impact the society in great ways where the people get the raw end of the deal. Typically they will have to make payments to hospitals in order to pay them off, and in the long run ruins the people as they are paying excess money where an insurance company should have taken over....
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