EMR System - having to upgrade software which can be quite costly and training to understand the capabilities of the new technology There is also a

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Daniel Jordaans [email protected] University of Phoenix HCA-210 5/11/2011 Electronic Medical Records Electronic Medical Records Health care facilities use electronic medical records in many different ways, and it has made the information that a doctor types out more readability than hand written paper work. They use this electronic method to check records regularly for compliance with all regulations and medical protocols. By using this way of medical records they can track the trend of patients care patterns, and also look for improving patient care throughout the facilities. Some of the advantages for using EMR is it is more legible compared to hand written paperwork, and using less paper which in returns helps out the environment. Not only does it give faster and more efficient diagnosis and treatment, but it also helps when medical audits take place as all the information is readily available. Disadvantages include
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Unformatted text preview: having to upgrade software which can be quite costly, and training to understand the capabilities of the new technology. There is also a security matter in keeping the information safe as many people can access the EMR, and can cause legal issues of confidentiality of records. One example of implementing a universal EMR system is that older records will have to be manually put in or even ignored all together as it can be quite tedious to input that data. The last problem when implementing the new system is stated as above is the privacy of patients as a hacker could very well possibly get the information easily if they know what they are doing. As we can tell an EMR system is great in many ways as it can help the environment along with making diagnosis a lot quicker, but at the cost of giving up your privacy is something to be considered....
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