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Final_Week9 - 1 My Proposal for a New Healthcare System...

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1 My Proposal for a New Healthcare System Daniel Jordaans HCA-210 May 21, 2011 Angela Ask
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2 The United States health care system has been facing a major crisis for some time now due to rising costs of health care along with the high costs of health insurance. Availability of coverage has been limited to families from the increases of co-pays and deductibles which are required through health insurance. With the advancements in treatment through technology along with preventative medicine they have played a very important role in the rising costs of health care throughout the years. There are many private insurance plans that have specific limits to the physicians who are covered, and the number of in-patient hospital days that are covered under the plans, which can cause major out-of- pocket expenses if the patients are not covered under those plans given. As these high costs of health insurance tend to increase many people decide to opt out of having coverage which only affects their health in the long run by not having efficient funds to cover the costs. Hopefully with the plan that I have developed will solve many of the problems that are facing individuals within the United States. Providing access to medical treatment for all individuals without the need to check on a person's preexisting conditions nor income level is the main focus on my health care system proposal. Within
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