Farmer's Revolt - trying to do routine tasks within the...

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Farmer's Revolt Daniel Jordaans His/125 06/22/2011 Evelyn Joseph
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2 Farmer's Revolt List of factors that created the political stalemate of the 19 th Century's Farmer's Revolt: i Banker's held the people's rising debt. i Farmers had to pay high mortgages i Suffered from poverty i Depression increased agricultural prices, created surplus, and ultimately made people leave their land. i A tariff protected manufacturers i Intermediaries stored and processed commodities for a cut When it came to the Gilded Age political systems faced issues that involved tariffs, civil service reform, and currency reform. Every American could not understand tariffs with their implications and forms which made them complicated. With the two different kinds of tariffs there came two different purposes that came with them. Public and private concerns suffered from the increasing complexity of
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Unformatted text preview: trying to do routine tasks within the government while currency was an issue due to currency's value being determined by how much is in circulation. Civil Service reform became important so that government employees were no longer stuck waving with the winds of politics. Today's politics in America are far more intense than the politics in the Gilded Age due to facing more important issues and challenges. However, people back in the Gilded Age though their issues were highly important at that time as it was the beginning stages of our political system. As time has gone by America has become much more complicated then it once was, and thus there is no surprise that our political issues are complicated as well....
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Farmer's Revolt - trying to do routine tasks within the...

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