American Imperialism

American Imperialism - and helped for the demand of...

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American Imperialism Daniel Jordaans His-125 06/23/2011 Evelyn Joseph
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2 The American Imperialism was about being superior to other countries, but other key features took place such as social, economic, and strategic factors. Of course at the end of the 19 th Century is when Amierca took up the imperialist idea as Americans believed that the Manifest Destiny would grow overseas. One of the economic factors that took place was population, income, and industrial production grew which meant American people would need more resources. With the overseas market the United States got the chance to use cheap labor and to sell their surplus goods. What also played a role in the superiority was that the United States had the technology to produce more then they needed,
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Unformatted text preview: and helped for the demand of overseas market. Now when looking at the strategic factor the 20 th Century America relied more on foreign trade than they had ever done before. Social factors that took place were the White Man's Burden, where they had the idea that Americans had the higher intellectual powers, and that they must send their civilization out to inferior less-developed countries. America also wanted their military to be the best that it could be which helped influence foreign trade for wealth and influence. References: American Imperialism -
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American Imperialism - and helped for the demand of...

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