City Culture - city whom would be known as a Boss would be...

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1 City Culture Daniel Jordaans His-125 06/17/2011 Evelyn Joseph
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2 There were many key aspects that helped to change the lives of many people in the 19 th century, and helped to prosper a vibrant city culture that helped many people. First thing that would be recognized was how economics factored into helping the change. Factories along with railroads were established which brough in more money. More jobs were available which meant more immigrants coming which in return helped the cultures grow. Due to the immigrants the social changes started to take effect in that it helped in revitalizing our culture. As more businesses began to prosper the city life became fast-paced, and politics started to bring in a sense of order to the city's culture. Before politics the culture seemed to be in a disordered state because the cities grew so quickly. Representatives of the
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Unformatted text preview: city whom would be known as a Boss would be in charge of decisions, and held the authority to decide on what certain things might be tolerated. The country in whole was helped as these things started to shape the United States, and making a more prosperous economy allowed for immigrants to settle in different cities where they could obtain jobs. This ultimately lead to thriving ethnic enclaves where the different ethnic groups were able to support families, and live the American Dream. These changes were significant to the growth of our country as a whole due to setting our base in the industrialization, and building the country to a stronger power....
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City Culture - city whom would be known as a Boss would be...

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