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Fourteenth Admendment_Week1 - Daniel Jordaans...

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Daniel Jordaans University of Phoenix 5/26/2011 Hist-125 Fourteenth Admendment When it came to the Fourteenth Admendment, which was passed by the necessary two-thirds vote in June 1866 by Congress, it had some particular written purposes for everyone in America. From the information gathered the written purpose of this Admendment was that Section 1 defined an American citizen as anyone who was either born in this country or naturalized. Not only did this Section 1 of the Fourteenth Admendment mean that African Americans were now considers citizens, but that it prohibited states from abridging privileges or immunities to citizens. In other words what this meant was that anything that was illegal for an African American meant it was now illegal for Caucasians aswell. What this basically did was give the rights that African Americans had waited a long time for, and this admendment stopped Johnson's attempts to restrict the rights of blacks. To help the slaves make the transition to free lives the Federal government decided to make The
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Fourteenth Admendment_Week1 - Daniel Jordaans...

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