Great Depression CheckPoint

Great Depression CheckPoint - be the fault of the banking...

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Checkpoint: Great Depression Daniel Jordaans HIS/125 07/07/2011 Everlyn Joseph
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2 Although the crash of the stock market had played a very influential position in the Great Depression there were some other siding factors that many people do not recognize when it came to the rise of the Great Depression. For one of these main siding factors would have to be the agricultural recession in that rural areas were under pressure in the direction of preserve prosperity. Many small growers were ambitious out of their business for the reason that they could not struggle in the new economic environment. Food was not rising at a similar price with the enhanced knowledge of growing, and the cost eventually cut down the farmer's earnings. Another siding factor would have to
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Unformatted text preview: be the fault of the banking system. Before the great depression the financial systems were distinguished, but America eventually closed more than 30,000 banks. Several banks were ending up going bankrupt which meant unpaid and undeveloped to the depression. This had a pessimistic collision and in the years of 1923 to 1930 there were 5,000 banks whom mishappened due to the depression. As you can see there were more then just the stock market crashing that had lead to the great depression, and with all those many factors playing a role there was going to be issues eventually that came with each individual factor....
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Great Depression CheckPoint - be the fault of the banking...

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