Jim Crow Law - Jim Crow Laws Daniel Jordaans His-125...

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Jim Crow Laws Daniel Jordaans His-125 06/26/2011 Evelyn Joseph
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2 The establishment of the Jim Crow Laws were implemented during 1876 to 1965, and was supposed to be “seperate but equal” status for Black Americans. Although these laws that were put in place were meant to be make the seperation of the races equal it ultimately lead to the treatment along with accomodations to be inferior to those that were provided for White Americans. These laws had many impacting factors that affected African Americans directly in that it seperated them in places such as schools, public places, public transportation, and even going as far as to have segregation of drinking fountains. With the stifling economic competition between races the African Americans were put into a second-class citizenship where they could not get the jobs that Whites had, and when it came to laws they had far more harsher penalties than the Whites. Even though such laws were starting to take a foot in this country African Americans still have certain rights taken away from them as well. Such rights that were taken away from the African Americans during these times where they were supposed to have equal rights included many different important factors. One of these factors included being limited in their ability to vote. Also with their new found freedom came many states refusing them land ownership, and with the South being bitter that the North had won the war they had to come up with ways around the Civil Rights Amendments. Blacks weren't often at times allowed to
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Jim Crow Law - Jim Crow Laws Daniel Jordaans His-125...

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