Week3_Railroad Checkpoint

Week3_Railroad Checkpoint - York With the boom in imports...

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1 Effects of the Railroad Daniel Jordaans His/125 6/8/2011 Evelyn Joseph
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2 During the expansion of railroads many cities were beneficiaries of being either established or even growing in economic prosperity. Although New York and Brooklyn were established during the colonial era they were the biggest beneficiaries due to the railroads bringing in most of their business wealth. Even some cities such at Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Philidelphia were established due to growth from the railroads. With the railroads came more business along with wealth that came to these cities that were on the tracks which means that people could travel from farther places to visit those cities. These cities also got the chance to take advantage of amazing number of opportunities for importing and exporting. Factories started to expand in making more goods to send off on the train to sell to other cities, and this eventually lead to these factories needing more workers to increase production. In return with the increase workers came immigration to cities such as Boston and New
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Unformatted text preview: York. With the boom in imports and exports, St. Louis got the opportunity to grow aswell, and gave them the chance to build a bridge to get railroads across the Mississippi River. This bridge was a marvel in its day which gave people a chance to leave their homes to find jobs in other cities, and gave blacks the chance to move North. As these people expanded elsewhere where they found jobs within factories that worked day and night they helped the factories make products that would be shipped away to the railroads. The economic and social changes had a huge impact on the United States where about 11 million immigrants made a population boom. Not only was the North being industrialized, but the South had its opportunity aswell due to the railroad. Southern economy had picked up tremendously, and this economic change had brought prosperity across the United States. This helped establish that reuniting of America which was still feeling effects of the Civil War....
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Week3_Railroad Checkpoint - York With the boom in imports...

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