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Daniel Jordaans [email protected] University of Phoenix Eastern Standard Time When it comes to the upcoming essay that is due in week nine of my Comm/155 class I have chosen the topic of Credit Card Companies should not be on campus marketing to college students. My whole reasoning for me choosing this topic to write about is that these credit card companies use students, and know that they can make money off of them when they are in college. They tend to market towards college kids solely by enticing them with “free gifts,” or they will post numerous advertisements up near campuses so these kids notice them often. I myself have had trouble with this as my credit is shot due to these credit card companies doing these sneaky tricks. Falling for these little things can hurt college kids if they are not smart about their financial situations, and I want to help others out there to protect themselves from companies that just want your money.
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Unformatted text preview: What I eventually plan to accomplish in my assignment is to write a very powerful essay that helps others know the damages that are caused when companies market their credit cards on college campuses. I want students alike to understand that it is best to research more into credit cards rather then just going with one particular one that is advertised on their school campus. These students need to know the damage it can cause by affecting their credit in the long run if they do not pay it back, or if they rely on their parents that they are hurting their parents credit as well. To be able to teach other students to know how credit works, and that they cannot always rely on their parents is another thing that I would like to accomplish in getting across to these kids. Although these are a few of my ideas that would be nice to accomplish in getting across I do have more that I am still brainstorming up that will help me to write my paper successfully....
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