Com156 Final - Daniel Jordaans

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Daniel Jordaans University of Phoenix Eastern Standard Time Credit Card Companies, Bad for Students More recent graduates of American colleges and universities are in debt then ever before. The primary cause other then student loans are credit card companies. Currently credit card companies are allowed to advertise their products on college campuses through different marketing techniques. This opens the doors for college and university students to walk straight into unnecessary debt. These credit card companies should not be allowed on college and university campuses. With the increasing rate of students applying for credit cards they are racking up more debt then ever before, and in return it is making it much more difficult for them to pay off all their debt including their student loans. The average credit card debt for college students is roughly $2,700, and some students manage to rack up a whopping $7,000 in debt from those credit cards ( As the students rack up these debts they are more likely to be late on their payments, which makes it that much harder for them to pay off their debt. These credit card companies only see profit in their eyes when these students rack up their debt, which in return makes the economy hurt only that much more in the future. The burden of debt with student loans and credit cards have become remarkably astonishing for American students. They are not able to pay off their debt entirely, and makes it quite hard for them to even support themselves later in life after they have obtained their degrees. Although student debt has become accepted in our culture these credit card
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Com156 Final - Daniel Jordaans

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