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Compare,Contrast,Definition - Daniel Jordaans...

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Daniel Jordaans [email protected] University of Phoenix COM/156 Compare and Contrast As we head into the final week where our final assignment is due I believe that using the combination of definitions along with comparing and contrasting will help my paper finish strong. Making sure to follow certain guidelines when writing my paper about how credit card companies should not be allowed to advertise on college campuses will help in using compare and contrast in my essay. Using such a technique will let me give adequate information for my readers so they can make the decision solely on for themselves rather then my paper being biased. With the technique of compare and contrast I will be able to compare how it is good for credit cards to advertise on college campuses, but also give information on why it is important for them not to advertise. As my audience reads through my paper they will be able to see both sides of the situation at hand, and choose for themselves whether or not it should be allowed. Comparing and contrasting is a
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