Why We Buy-book report - Yanjun Ba BA 4307-001 04/10/2011...

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Yanjun Ba BA 4307-001 04/10/2011 Why We Buy : The Science of Shopping - By Paco Underhill Background 1. A Science is born: a. The longer a shopper remains in a store, the more he or she will buy and the amount of time a shopper spends in a store depends on the environment of the store. b. Science of shopping creates better retail environments. c. Brand names are being eroded. 2. What Retailers Don’t Know a. Retailers do not know who shops in their stores. b. Shoppers need to be transformed into buyers The Mechanic of Shopping 1. The Twilight Zone a. Get buyers talk to employees would help them to shop longer b. We can determine where shoppers will walk in a store. c. Amenability and profitability are interactional. 2. You Need Hands a. The approach and entryway: People are not looking at the store windows while they are walking through parking lots. b. Clever use of basket: To keep customers’ hands free to that they can select other items, employees should offer customers baskets so any customers seen holding three or more items. Stores tries to see customers the bag that they offer to help customers to put stuff together at the check out. Baskets themselves need to be rethought c. Always try to keep customers hands free in order to let them touch and browse. 3. How to Read a Sign a. Customers usually do not notice the signs. They focused on products themselves. b. The signs are badly laid out and placed in the wrong places. Put signs at where customers are waiting so that they have something to look at while waiting. c. Measure the readability of the signs d. A sign need to be put on somewhere obvious to leave an impression.
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4. Shoppers Move Like People a. Shoppers want to see products face on not sideways, which applies to the window displays and store displays. b. American shoppers move to their right-hand side just like how they drive.
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Why We Buy-book report - Yanjun Ba BA 4307-001 04/10/2011...

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