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CHAPTER 4 PRODUCT AND SERVICE DESIGN Review and Discussion Questions 1. Describe the generic product development process described in this chapter. How does this process change for "technology push" products? Products that are developed using the “technology push” would be more narrowly focused in phase 0 and phase 1 of Marketing. There focus would be narrower because you would only look at market segments that could benefit from the application of your technology. The rest of the generic process may be somewhat less complex as well since the technology of the product current exist in your manufacturing facilities 2. Discuss the product design philosophy behind industrial design and design for manufacture and assembly. Which one do you think is more important in a customer-focused product development? Industrial design is concerned with designing a product from the end-user’s point of view, such as aesthetics and user-friendliness of the product. Design for manufacturability, on the other hand, makes the product design less complicated and easier to manufacture. Very often it results in less parts, smaller size, increased reliability, and lower cost. Both philosophies are equally important for a customer-focused product development. In order to attract customers, the product must be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly (industrial design). However, to sustain customer interests, it should also have a lower cost and higher reliability (design for manufacturability). 3. Discuss design-based incrementalism, which is frequent product redesign throughout the product’s life. What are the pros and cons of this idea? Pro: enhanced function, higher quality, and lower cost through continuously advancing technology. Con: time and money spent on frequent product and process redesigns, low priority given in servicing the existing and older products. 4. What factors must be traded off by product development before introducing a new product? The factors that need careful attention for new products are product performance, development speed, product cost, and development program expense. Smith and Reinertsen identify six pairs of trade-offs in their book. These include all possible pairs among the four factors noted above. 42
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Chap004 - Chapter 04 - Product and Service Design CHAPTER 4...

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