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Chapter 07A - Facility Layout CHAPTER 7A FACILITY LAYOUT Review and Discussion Questions 1. What kind of layout is used in a physical fitness center? Process layout—similar equipment or functions are grouped together, such as rowing machines in one area, and weight machines in another. The exercise enthusiasts move through the fitness center, following an established sequence of operations. 2. What is the objective of assembly-line balancing? How would you deal with the situation where one worker, although trying hard, is 20 percent slower than the other 10 people on a line? The objective is to create an efficient balance between the tasks and workstations to minimize idle time. If the employee is deemed valuable, training may enhance his/her speed. It is also possible to place him/her in the “choice” job, i.e., that workstation which has most idle time to adjust for the slowness. Also, faster workers may assist the slowpoke if the balance and physical features of the line permit. 3. How do you determine the idle-time percentage from a given assembly-line balance? Idle-time percentage is given as “balance delay” in the chapter. It is simply one minus efficiency, where efficiency is equal to the sum of the task times divided by the number of workstations times the cycle time. 4. What is the essential requirement for mixed-model lines to be practical? The need to develop a cycle mix that minimizes inventory build-up while keeping cycle time constant. 93
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Chapter 07A - Facility Layout 5. Why might it be difficult to develop a manufacturing cell? a. Distinct parts families must exist. This requires developing and maintaining a computerized parts classification and coding system. This can be a major expense. b. Several of each type of machine must be available. This could be an expensive proposition, given the cost of purchasing and maintaining duplicate sets of machinery. c. Taking a machine out of a cluster should not rob a cluster of all of its capacity. d. There may be parts that cannot be associated with a family and specialized machinery that cannot be placed in a cell because of its general use. e. Training personnel to perform multiple types of tasks may be initially difficult. Union regulations and interpersonal problems within a group working in a cell must be resolved before the cell is implemented. 6. In what respects is facility layout a marketing problem in services? Give an example of a service system layout designed to maximize the amount of time the customer is in the system. The facility layout must be designed to meet customer expectations. Unlike fast food outlets, many finer restaurants will try to maximize the time that a customer is in system via requiring a waiting period before seating customers (even those with reservations). Many customers will patronize the cocktail lounge (thus enhancing profits). 7.
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Chap007A - Chapter 07A Facility Layout CHAPTER 7A FACILITY...

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