Chap0011 - Chapter 11 - Logistics and Facility Location...

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Chapter 11 - Logistics and Facility Location CHAPTER 11 LOGISTICS AND FACILITY LOCATION Review and Discussion Questions 1. What motivations typically cause firms to initiate a facilities location or relocation project? There are a variety of reasons; both positive and negative. Firms may wish to move closer to markets or sources of supply. Cost reduction is another major reason. A company might need an educated work force, thereby moving near a major university. On the negative side, firms relocate to avoid costly regulation or unionization. Students should be able to cite a large number of reasons. 2. List five major reasons why a new electronic components manufacturing firm should move into your city or town? Answers will vary depending upon the location. Possibilities include quality of education, tax advantages, proximity of supply, proximity of markets, or favorable quality of life. 3. How do facility location decisions differ for service facilities and manufacturing plants? In many ways, the decisions are similar. However, since the customer is often involved in the production of the service, proximity to the customer is of greater importance. Services often utilize multiple sites to remain close to the customer. Market needs impact services location decisions. Alternatively, resource considerations have much more impact on
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Chap0011 - Chapter 11 - Logistics and Facility Location...

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