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Chapter 12 - Lean Manufacturing CHAPTER 12 LEAN MANUFACTURING Review and Discussion Questions 1. Is it possible to achieve zero inventories? Why or why not? In reality, zero inventories are a challenging, if not impossible, goal for most organizations. The concept is theoretical because the ideal production unit is one. Nothing is made until the customer expresses an unmet need for the product. In reality, inventories will always exist due to the timing between the expressed need and the actual delivery of the completed unit(s). Nevertheless, this goal aids in understanding of the lean concepts, and remains a reference point to continually remember in the on-going improvement process. 2. Stopping waste is a vital part of lean. Identify some sources of waste in your home or dorm and discuss how they may be eliminated. Waste can include work in process, raw materials, and finished goods that are not being directly worked on or being shipped to the customer. Any processes or procedures not needed to complete the product or deliver the service are wastes. Material sitting in stores and queues are also sources of waste as is excess or inefficiencies. Through applications of lean principles of streamlining flows and only performing work as it is needed, these wastes can be reduced and possibly eliminated. Answers will vary to this question, but some obvious choices can be found in the refrigerator, with bills waiting to be paid, and, of course, laundry. For example, if laundry were done in small lots on a regular basis, fewer clothes would be needed. Of course, many people might not consider this an improvement. 3. Why must lean have a stable schedule? Because any changes in the final product schedule are magnified backward along the line, a stable schedule is necessary. This schedule must be frozen at some point. Also, because suppliers and vendors are delivering in small batches just as materials are needed, they need
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Chap0012 - Chapter 12 - Lean Manufacturing CHAPTER 12 LEAN...

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