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Chapter 13 - Operations Consulting and Reengineering CHAPTER 13 OPERATIONS CONSULTING AND REENGINEERING Review and Discussion Questions 1. Check out the web sites of the consulting companies listed in the chapter outlines. Which ones impressed you most as a potential client and as a potential employee? Remember that web sites can change at any time. However, a good web site should be technically sound and contain the appropriate information. Technical aspects include the appearance including the choice of colors and fonts, the ability to find material on the site (organization), ability to find the site (is it linked in the various search engine or on professional organization’s web sites?), ability to load easily, as well as the overall user friendliness of the site. Content should include what the company does, what they could do for your, their experience in the area, and their professional training of employees (e.g., degrees held, certifications, etc.). 2. What does it take to be a good consultant? Is this a career for you? Good consultants generally need good communications skills, good analytical skills plus expertise and experience in the area they wish to consult in. Additionally, in considering a career as a consultant, the student should consider whether they would like to be a consultant. 169
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Chapter 13 - Operations Consulting and Reengineering 3. Think about the registration process at your university. Develop a flow chart to understand it. How would you radically redesign this process? A typical registration process might be: Obtain registration materials Use the class list to select courses Fill out registration form Obtain an advisor's signature for the registration form After waiting in line, sit with a registration clerk who enters classes into a computer Student is assigned to desired class An alternate course is searched for and selected A bill is generated The student pays the bill prior to the semester in question
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Chap0013 - Chapter 13 - Operations Consulting and...

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