Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes

Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes - Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes...

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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes It/205 Professor Elisa Rowell Julian Rouse 7/3/2011
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With any business, it is very important to have a good flow of communication in order to become successful. The most useful tool that any company could have is the intranet. Intranet systems have a wide range of communications and capabilities, keeping employees on the same tract, as well as keeping the company competing at high levels, and lowering unnecessary costs to the company. For the Dirt Bike Company, it would be highly recommended to use a virtual private network. A virtual private network is a secure, encrypted, private network that has been configured within a public network to take advantage of the economies of scale and management facilities of large networks, such as the Internet. With the virtual private network it would equip the Dirt Bike Company secure encrypted communications that are much lower cost to them than the traditional non-internet providers. A virtual private network will provide the company with a network infrastructure for combining voice and data networks. Also the virtual private network will allow employees and outside partners to gain access to information at anytime of the day. Virtual private network should increase employee satisfaction with extending the workplace beyond the office walls, and productivity should give the Dirt Bikes a competitive advantage with the closer links with employees, suppliers, customers, and partners. With a virtual private network Dirt Bikes Company has the option to use VoIP. The voice over IP technology delivers voice information in digital form using packet switching, avoiding the tolls charged by local and long distance telephone networks. Voice call can be made and received with a desktop computer equipped with a
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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes - Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes...

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