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DSC 210/211 Special Exercise. Business Framework for Data Analysis -- BFDA For all the work of these courses, we will study various statistical data analysis techniques -- NOT in isolation BUT within the context of a BUSINESS framework. The framework is as follows: 1. Business Issue. A brief identification of the specific part of the business environment (the business group), and property(ies), that the analysis is focused on. 2. Business Question. The specific business question(s) we have been asked to try to answer with the data analysis study. 3. Data. [Evidence available to answer the business question.] The recorded observations of certain properties of defined entities in the business environment that have already been, or will be, measured. Data are most often from a sample of the full population. Include some descriptive statistics summarizing the sample results -- table and/or graphs. -- to show what the data "says" about the business question individuals who are a part of our full population of target customers. The mean and standard deviation of this sample are shown in the attached table." NOTE:
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Spec+Exer+BFDA - DSC 210/211 Special Exercise Business...

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