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Unformatted text preview: James Riddle jr39592 Experiment 3 The Determination of a Chemical Formula Desai, K (51920) The objectives were to determine the amount of water of hydration in a copper chloride hydrate sample, conduct a reaction between copper chloride and solid aluminum, determine the mass and moles of Cu and Cl in the reaction, determine the empirical formula of the copper chloride compound, learn how to name and determine chemical formulas from the names of ionic compounds, and learn how to name and determine the chemical formulas from the names of hydrated ionic compounds. (1) The sample was heated so the water would evaporate. While the sample was being heated, the blue-green crystals turned brown. These changes were physical due to a phase change always being physical plus there was no new substance formed. (2) The copper was rehydrated because later in the experiment the copper will be extracted from the copper chloride hydrate. Once the copper was deposited on the aluminum wire and then knocked off, it as not able to combine hydrate....
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