Making Calculations in Excel

Making Calculations in Excel - Easy Calculations in Excel...

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Easy Calculations in Excel Any time you have a list of numbers that require some sort of calculations (percent change from one year to the next; percent of total; average; or just a simple total of all the numbers), it’s easier to put the figures into Excel and let the computer do the tough stuff for you. Excel is also extremely helpful when comparing a list of numbers --- which one is the biggest, which is the smallest, etc. This tipsheet will use total Major League Baseball payrolls for 2002 and 2003 to show how to do percent change from year to year, percent of total, average payroll and how to sort the list to compare the teams. Here’s a sample of what the data looks like when we start out. Percent Change: To do this properly, it’s crucial to have last year’s total and this year’s total lined up side by side (as shown above). It’s possible to do this if the numbers are in other configurations, but it’s much more difficult. In the first blank column on the right (in this case Column D), create a new column header called “PctChange”. Then in the cell just below the header (in this case, cell D4) we’re going to create a formula that we can use to generate a percent change for all the teams --- and it only needs to be typed once! The formula is straight out of middle school math: New value minus Old Value, divided by Old Value. But with Excel, you set up a formula using the cell addresses – not the actual numbers. So in this case, the Angels’ 2003 payroll is in cell C4 and their 2002 payroll is in B4. So here’s the formula: = (c4-b4)/b4
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Making Calculations in Excel - Easy Calculations in Excel...

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