Exam 2 Lectures continued

Exam 2 Lectures continued - 18:13 ReviewfromWednesday o...

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18:13 Exam 2 Lectures continued: Review from Wednesday: o Play created from primary sources (autobiography, newspapers, legel  documents) o Record, promote dialogue and catalyze social change o The exonerated Community Based Theatre: o Collaboration between artist and community o Usually performed in and for the community o Create dialog, raise awareness, celebrate communities o Trash Project and El Teatro Campesino Compare/Contrast: o Space/Time: How did the duration and location of The Trash Project’s development  process compare to The Exonerated’s? The production was local here in Austin; Jenson and Blank travelled  all over getting interviews, archives, transcripts etc. The stories  were developed over a long period of time Role of Artist: o Describe Allison Orr’s role in The Trash Project. How were they similar and  different to Blank and Jenson’s role in The Exonerated? They both had to get to know both, both trying to tell stories we don’t 
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Exam 2 Lectures continued - 18:13 ReviewfromWednesday o...

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