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\ ! t{ T" QuizZ - 20 poiirts Biology 1107 GLA Arlena Wartell Please qnswer in space provided. l) What is the overall reaction for photosynthesis? Be sure that the equation is balanced. (4 points) li r! examples of autotrophsfrom dffirent kingdoms. (3 points) \O*ero+rqp\S [art.r e t$ COnSi,^r. .e Frrod *O c.u^-t o+ 169^,9 p(eAqC.{ }\d-.ir C}U\^. Food 3 ro$5" y€.6S+ 3) What compound(s) are produced.during the light dependent step of photosynthesis? '. t ./ What compound(s) are produced during the second step of photosynthesis (Calvin \/ Cycle)? ({ points) | ,'gh * c,tcpe^d e ^+ = ffi i",, ilnt f \ c) a (a 1 v;1 Ly tle* 3luco5e- 4) For the graph below (similar to the experiment we did last week), name each region and explain what is occurring during each period (your explanation should relate to the photosynthetic rate and process - what is occurring in the'lean). (6 points) (o CCL + l?, \l1c +, trg\"+ <nc$) 2) What is the difference between heterotrophic and autotrophic life?
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Unformatted text preview: 30u Give two e,ftq.jy {or l, .f,e r', | [ lrn I l"ooe9 \,1 LUz , t.-i-nt 9.6K ,d?l:i ill$:''46r lwv)-; \4'\o\'gt{ qlaZD' ''er '#}d'i"F)1'4f i +6 46+ /r,v 5Ja. .p\$ltf.si?' , I r\^ e/ ur- n?Eioi.ffv'^tiq5;r- ?*1, .Lc;eb c)taeags- p^t [ec{ tO. is beqinnfni l-<r OL ,-" g?**o^ M r^}{"} by fl*+r:y,tpl.er,fi }o f,I, :*ra*z O, !\'-r\' LUL r} J \} '| -. ^ - tt A ",zteeionC- [rlo*"6,c^ "- dl. (O^, ',* v,kc! b o.,dvc1- oz-j *Lrr rl n0 nl(l* €.dl: Qr' /1.l- ph1,+osyr,,+r,* i ra{*n" ,, i"ro , fr Srw'- orZ tzr,et> 6Q,^.a.,; ;arg4ar. ._t r v -'.-'''-'J .'r'*.'t'r';:!nqli$iiri?:t \i;ij-ri.i:Ei;::rl".ifi . +i+ii!':.' 5) How do C: plants and Caplants differ? Which type of plant will be more efficient in a desert environment? (3 points) C3 q7ic. .!5 , \,^s4 (ib"lofe +o {"jx +[e* Ca r[6u". . in LAu , f!-r\2. C, ,g\r,n+5 r^S"e 'P%,p 1cr h*)ln5E +D €ix OL d* \ ( e. 610fnr a?f. c.i E+ irr dtr$t r+ envir0n vvirnrl " ' in ' 'fl...
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koofer 1 - 30u Give two e,ftq.jy{or l.f,e r | lrn I...

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