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Biol-1107 Armsttone Test #5-11 AM Fall,2006 Factual Knowledge 1) What molccules are produced in translation? A) nucleotides B) r'ibosomes - C) proteins D) RNA E) DNA 2) Which step is NOT part of translation? *'A) An amino acid from a IRNA in the P site is attadred to the IRNA in the A site. --1-4-< rt ? oI , \ B) A tRNA connected to the growing protein " - clrain shifts from thc P to the A site. .. C) A tRNA molecule enters the A site of a ribosome and binds to an mRNA codon. r<ffi}\e IRNA thathas givenup its amino acid is t V.d rcleascd from the E sitc. ' E) mRNAbinds the ribosome's small subunit. 3) What component of transcription or translation has tl-re anticodon?. a) nNa polymerase B) ribosome C).rRNA D) mRNA . : . @) tnNa 4) Once transcribcd, eukaryotic mRNA typically undergoes substantial alteration that includes -CI) "*.irlbr, of introns. -B) union with ribosomes. C) fusion into circular forms known as plasmids. "D) fusion with ottier ner,Vly transcribed nRNA. , E) linkage to histone molecules. , 5) What is a ribosom'e composed of? A) proteins only B) mRNA, tRNAv IRNA, and protein , O mRNA, rRNA, and protein @ Uoth rRNA and protein ' E) IRNA only 6) Which of the following is NOT composed of
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koofer 2 - Biol-1107 Armsttone Test #5-11 AM Factual...

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