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Quiz 1 another one

Quiz 1 another one - Or 1 h L\n)s BIOL/ECOL 3500 Wednesday...

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h' L'\n")s* BIOL/ECOL 3500: Wednesday, 21 September 2005, Or'\ 1 1r 'rA 8:00-8:50am. First quiz. 50 minutes duration.. 26 SCAI{TRON questions(arabic n_umerals l-26), each.worth iltoffits perquestion, plus two boqus points. Choose one, ONLY ONE, of the extra credit seB, .... four qudstiois per sei .... if you wish iome extra credit. Total value of this exam is 158 points,. or 13% of your course grade, plis a possible 24 extracredit points. Carpe diem! N*,",-# rA,sname, {lli I.D. Numb"rr {F Lab day and time: (;rJ 3 rls I agree to abide by the University of Georgia Academic Code qf Honor. "suggestions for excellence in SCANTRON exams: l. Sign both your exam packet and your SCANTRON answer sheet immediately, and turn both in to ilre proctirr when you leave the 6xam room. On the first page of your.exam packet" include your narne, ID#, lab TA name, lab section and tab day. Please write legibly! 2. MAKE SURE BOTH YOUR NAME AND YOUR STUDENT I.D. NUMBER ARE WRITTEN AND BUBBLEU ON THE SCANTRON ANSWER SHEET! The'computer searches/sorts by I.D. Number. 2. Mark the SCANTRON answer sheet carefully, preferably with a #2 pencil. Fill the entire circle. bon't mark your answer sheet until you are sure of the choice., If yqu change an answer, erase all vestiges of t'6e previous mark, or the-computer will disiegard all marls. 3. Make sure your chosen answer corresponds with the number marked on your answer sheeL Cries for mercy that you knew the correct answer but accidentally did not mark the colrect number will not carry the day. 4. Read your alternative choices very carefully before choosing a correct answer. SCAI{TRON qll*ri;;;ttoJO-U" challenging but irot devious; we try. There is usually a key word that quickly eliminates a wrong choice. 5. It is occasionally possible that a question could ask for one answer but have two correct choices. You will get credit for either choice, if so. 6. You may choose ONE set of extra credit questions. Choose-only one- seL !f you mark one or more questions on both sets, the computer will give no extra credit, regardless of your answers.
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ECOLTBIOL 3500 - General Ecology Name G':-,+ I-|,^rlW 01. Quiz I , 2l September20O4 Which adaptation might not provide an organism with an increased capacity (fitness) to tolerate very cold conditions? ' - a) antifreegg,,gi4gp3pteins) in tf," UfooO . i:ii!tiffi,y;i,;-;tx*,,.*. i$'iikiir-|''J {.il::&ffii u) countef;ltt*i'Urood circulation in the legs and feet 'r>nJ1''-c:'ci4;o';d\s*;"4: e @ reduced body size ;fU.t&f*;*3* d) decreased surface to volume ratio e) removing unnecessary w+ter from the cells a) surface nutrients iue not available to the hypolimnion. 02. Choose a functio"",-ffiffi.t. nttgffii*dvity (NPP) slows within a stratified lake because ..... 0 C benthic mineral nutrients arc not available to the epilimnion. c) solar radiation cannot reach the hypolimnion. d) benthic nutriene become available in the epilirnnion.
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