Quiz 1 yet another

Quiz 1 yet another - Er rnnir ocngo' b")arilJ'"*...

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b")arilJ'"* rnnir ocngo' BIOLJ'ECOL 35OO: First quiz. 50 minutes duration. 32 SCANTRON questions (arabic numerals l-32),each_wo_rth nve po-ints per question. Extra credit questions worth six points/question. Cfogse one, ONLY ONd, of thi extra credit sets, . ..four qu-estions per set" . ..if you wish extra credir Total value of this exam is 158 points + 2 bonus poinc, or 137o of your course grade. Add a possible 24 extracredit fioints for additional bonus. Carpe diem! Er IV *16 shrctr &e irrac|;'otc'l rql s '* l[tl *rV ,tfe Zo g Wednesday, 29 September 2004, 8:00'8:50am. TA,sname. ft, Name: I.D.Numb"r, * Labdayandtime:+ I agree to abide by the University of Georgia Academic Code of Honor. Sugg-estions for excellence in SCANTRON exams: l. Sign both your exam packet JnO you, SCAI.ffRCiN answer she€t immediately, qO tq-.Uolh in to fte proctilr when you leave the 6xam room. On the first page of your.exam packel include yournanie,ID#,labTAname,labsectionandlabday.Pleasewritelegibly! 2. MAKE SURE BOTH YOUR NAME AND YOUR STUDENT I.D. NLTMBER ARE WRITTEN AND BUBBLED ON THE SCANTRON ANSWER SHEET! The computer sehrches/sorts by I.D. Number. 2. Mark the SCANTRON answer sheet carefully, preferably with a #2 pencil. Fill the entire circle. Don't mark your answer sheet until you are sure of the choice.,If you'change aq answer, erase all vestiges of the previous mark, or the computer will disregard all marks 3. Make sure your chosen answer corresponds with the number marked on your answer sheet. Cries for mercy that you knew the correct answer but accidentally did not mark the correct number will not carry the day. 4. Read your alternative choices very carefully before choosing a corr@t anlwer. SCANTRON questioni should be challenging but not devious; we try. There is usually a key word that quickly eliminates a wrong choice. 5. It is occasionally possible that a question could ask for one answer but have two correct choices. You will get credit for either choice, if so. 6. You may choose ONE set of extra credit questions. Choose-o4ly one- seL [f you mark one or morc questions on both sets, the computer will give no extra credit, regardless of your answers.
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*rf {ffffins" ffi* .{rukb @
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/ 1""/(, c) exclude water from the cells. d) increase mdfabolic rate. I, e) migrate t<i warmerclimatesduring winter. 03. /l'1o LLI _. f l s tbn :l / )k \tCOLrstoL 35oo - General Ecology Quiz I 29 September 2UJ4 lso +/ {-) r/ Name Quiz 01. Chbose a functional answer. Metabolic activity (}.IPP) slows within a stratilied lake because . .... a) surface nutrients are ng*flnsported to the hypolimnion. A .d . ', .r , !i. !--- 'r ftlnmic mineral nutrierfu"dre not transported to the epilimnion. Y c) a thermocline becomes established beneath the epilimnion.' . :1
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Quiz 1 yet another - Er rnnir ocngo' b&quot;)arilJ'&quot;*...

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