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Quiz 3 another one

Quiz 3 another one - ECOL/BIOL 3500 General Ecolory Third...

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ECOL/BIOL 3500 - General Ecolory Third quiz 8 October 2001 TA name Name SS# Lab Third quiz: 60 minutes duration. 25 SCANTRON questions (arabic numerals 1-25\ @ 4 points/question. Totbl point 'value of this exam. is 100 points, or $Yo of your course grade. Good luck! I agree to abide by, the University of Georgia Academic: Code of Honor. Suggesitions for excellence in SCANTRON"6xams: " Signature 1. Sign-both your exhm pabket.and your SCANTRON answer bheet immediately, and return both to"the proctor.when you leave the exam room. On the first page of your exam packet, you must provide your name, 9-digit l:D. number, name of your.lab-TA, lab section and' lab day'' 2. MAKE SURE BOTTI YOUR NIAME AI{D YOUR STUDENT I.D. NUMBERARE WRITTEN ON THE SCANTRON ANSWER SHEET! The computer searches/sorts by l.D. Number. 3. Mark the SCANTRON answer sheet carefully, preferably with a #2 pencil. Fill the entire circle. Don't mark your answer sheet"until you are sure of the choice. lf you change an answer; erase all vestiges of the previous mark, or the computer may recognize two marks'and give no credit. 4. 'Make sure your chosen answer corresponds with the number. marked on your sheet.' Cries for mercy that you knew the correct answer but accidenthlly did not mark the'correct number will not carry'the day. 5. Read your alternative choices very carefully before choosing a. correct i answer. SCANTRON questions should be challenging but not devious. There is usually a key word that quickly eliminates d,wrong choice,.so r€€rd each worf very carefully. .l 6. lt is occasionally possible that a question could ask for one answer but have two correct choices. You will get credit for either choice, if so.
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ECOL/BIOL 3500 - General Ecolory Third quiz 8 November 2001 TA name a) \ I d) e) Name SS# Lab DaylTime 1. ,Which iS the correct statement? Dispersion patterns in mammals are the result of habitat heterogeneity rather than group behavior.. ,,. .i ,. Dispersion patterns consider the.migratory routes of ., , neotropical migrants between nesting and wintering grounds. Dispersion pafterns relate to the distribution or spacial pattern of individuals within a population. There are two possible dispersion patterns, ...clumped or ' random. Dispersion,.patterns are more characteristic of mobile;animals as opposed.to sessile animals and rooted plants. , i 2. Which is an incorrect statement concerning'negative assortative mating (NAM)? a) NAM in plants may be.counter-productive where pollinators are rate. Some mammals achieve NAM by noticing a characteristic odor and, thereby, avoid incompatible' mating'for major histocompatibility genes.' Most plants are hermaphrodites, achieving NAM by, '' self-incompatibility and temporal' separation of male. and female function. ,:The beneficial effect of NAM is'maximized by"'achieving the - greatest geographic separation of mates: ,NAM,,reduces the frequency,of lethal genotypes in offspring.
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Quiz 3 another one - ECOL/BIOL 3500 General Ecolory Third...

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