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PHYS 1211 University of Georgia February 10, 2011 Prof. Steven P. Lewis Midterm Exam #1 Instructions: This is a closed-book, closed-notes exam. You may consult the colored sheet of formulas and numerical data that you’ve been provided with, but it is not part of the exam. Do not hand it in with your exam, as nothing written on it will be graded. Space is provided after each question to show your work. If you need more space, you may use the back of the page or request more paper. Please clearly indicate where your work for each problem is. Underline or draw a box around your final answer. The exam consists of five sections . I recommend that you read all the questions at the start, so that you can allocate your time wisely. You may use a scientific calculator for arithmetic only. Your calculator must be non- graphing , non-programmable , and non-algebraic . You may not share your calculator. The use of cell phones, PDAs, or any other electronic devices (besides calculators) is prohibited. All such gadgets must be turned off and put away throughout the exam. Do not open the exam until told to begin. You have one class period (75 minutes) to finish the exam. You should put your initials or last name on every page of the exam. You must provide explanations and/or show work legibly to receive full credit on Sections III-V. Make sure your answers include appropriate units and significant digits. ( Note : For intermediate steps, it is wise to carry around more significant digits.) Assume that air resistance is negligible for all questions. By signing below, you indicate that you understand the instructions for this exam and agree to abide by them. You also certify that you will personally uphold the university’s standards of academic honesty for this exam and will not tolerate any violations of these standards by others. Unsigned exams will not be graded. Print name: SOLUTION Signature: UGA Card #: I II III IV V Bonus Raw Total Scaled Total
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PHYS 1211, Exam #1 February 10, 2011 Initials: (2) Section I : [15 points] A slow-speed movie, with 1 second between frames, was taken of six balls (A-F) moving from left to right. The diagram below shows the location of each sphere for each frame of the movie, starting at t = 0 s with the leftmost sphere. The total time intervals shown vary among the spheres. All displacements are in meters. Rank these spheres on the ba- sis of greatest average velocity over the first 3 seconds . Place the letter corresponding to the sphere with the greatest average velocity in the leftmost box below the diagram, and continue in decreasing rank order to the right. If two diagrams indicate the same average velocity for the 3-second interval, put their letters in the
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PHYS1211 Exam 1 - PHYS 1211 University of Georgia Prof...

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