CHEM2211 Exam 4 2006 another

CHEM2211 Exam 4 2006 another - * v) a $i v) b0 !f, (t) rrl...

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Unformatted text preview: * v) a $i v) b0 !f, (t) rrl z r CHEMISTRY 221I FXAM IV . NOVEMBER 29,2006 i ji Be sure to read each question carefully. Partial credifwill bb assigned where appropriate., To rbceive full'credil you must answer the question completely. Relax and good luck!! t-1: (7 points) Rank the following compounds from fastest (f) to slowest (7) for ' undergoing electrophilic hromatic substitution by reaction with Brz / FeBrr. cl I A ill \2 5 T" rr\ ilt-M SCORE d ln lz q--T-- IL 2. a 4. 5. 1 ,l .6,/o ,.L 85 .p H3-'ft' l r betamethasone '\7- 3. (12 points) Which comPound in (underline) and the slowest (circl6) your reasonmg. a), CHrBr 2 each of the following in an,Sn2 reaction with ,. .CH:CHzBr groups will react the fastest hydroxide ion (OH-)? Indicate gertl I n -c- Bz ,*.)?-s. \ t * ., tt rt b) Cffi cHrcHzcl . u-_7 /^\-/4, Uo ,- .^-,,.oH o tl cH'.co- .a-\,.81 -"o-- > 7u.Or'. tl )] 'I uA,-c'g'-l h ' -GH3CHzOTos- t NaCl in CH3OH t .' .\ lmetnanol, \"'-- ;, CH3CH2CI NaCl in CH3CN (acetonitrilb)--- -'----> ' cH3cH2cl Reason I nu,\roqhi\ic\+/ , -te"rtS t'O rbitfefr6{ c"g txa'fiar+y it)UttAs2t ; i .e, 0*- ,) 2\ ;i:- 6+/"rylsp U*e.& +.^" +nfia_. $ JJ.A Ldfr ^."<,trqU[0 Reason I Aert\"a^a1 is i'cr J6gF0t"tR Sd!/e^+. * crxo' '*r&r, lt./* Pulcr ap(*ic Eolwc--1, uitiCh sg-A r,"p S,\. (e*q^tnrs +|-u"P4f Wca-'U +i^.V ha,aL+Or-^ .ru-- <--4V Sry!*e o{ { L <_ +,r2. y tNan 5+a*9., n'o lin< +Lg* r&q,fr"a", p/a.aL-/ {asJg-f....
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CHEM2211 Exam 4 2006 another - * v) a $i v) b0 !f, (t) rrl...

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