CHEM2211 Exam 4 2006

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CHE]\{ISTRY 221I EXAM 4 April 25,2006 ' Be sure 1o read each question carefully. Partial ciedit will be assigned where appropriate. To receive full credit you must answer the question completely. Relax and good luck!! 1. (10 pts) Classify cach of the follou,ing molecules as aromatic, anti-aromatic, or 1' non-aromatic: .) 2. (5 pts) Ttre specific rotation, [o]p , of (S)-alanine is +8.5". Calculate the observed rolation, cr, of a 5.0 g sample of (S)-alanine that has been dissolved in I mL of ethanol and placed in a sample cell u'hicb has a palh length of l5 cm. You musl slrow all of -vour lvork in detail 1o receive credit for this problem. ' t,{ .2 A iPage 1 of 8 i 10 g plF ,,.t1 * \rt_\ rotar: \W ) -v V a SCORE [] ^ ----\- ecu lor -ha.--to ' ll ^Alr "r- J2 1 Xrvnalrc I ,iA'., i '' ,-, 6. 8\o fr -l lJ+^,o,1,".-c-J = - D<= g,so ( l,s l^) (t'' 3 l- u) v ,/. ,r/ )( d <-v <;--- t ) ) b.) -(t.sXU =b5 frl z
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J-. .. Page 2 of8 3. (8 pts) Provide all of tbe nrost likell' products rcsulting from tbe addition of I equivalenl of lJBr 1o the following comPound: In order to receive full credit for this problem. vou rnusl provide the structure of each final product as rvell as the structure qllhe specific inlermediate that leads to each product. Your answers do no1 need 1o indicate anv specific slereochemistrY. Be clear and organized in
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CHEM2211 Exam 4 2006 - iPage 1 of 8 CHE]\cfw_ISTRY 221I...

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