Outline - different countries. Analysis: In this case, it...

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Problem statements: 1.Bert's salary includes a Seoul city tax but the Seoul City council officer said that this kind of tax doesn't exist and the tax between Bert and his peer Larry is quite different. Bert finds that it is a way in which the company reduces their salary. And she is not satisfied with this. 2.Bert reported the problem to Mr. LEE, but he was replied that he was against the company's rules and if he did this again, he would be fired. 3.He can't get protected by laws because the South Korea's laws are favor for the Korean's employers and it is also very expensive that Bert can't afford to employ a lawyer to help him. 4. The biggest problem is that the diversity between different cultures and the differences among the ways of the education systems between the
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Unformatted text preview: different countries. Analysis: In this case, it involves the intercultural Conflicts. Bert is a Canadian teacher while he has to adjust to the Korean education system. What's more, he tried to protect himself by laws but he failed and what he can do is only to accept it and keep working. It is because that the Power distance exists in South Korea and Uncertainty avoidance is relatively high in South Korea. Koreans like to use a more stable form of teaching rather than trying the new one. Decision: 1.Listening rather than talking 2.Trying to engage in rapport 3.Being compassionate and understanding 4.Emphasizing harmong by avoiding conflict...
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Outline - different countries. Analysis: In this case, it...

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